In The Hoop Panda Valentine Wall Hanging Embroidery Machine Design

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Product Overview

Adorable Panda Valentine Wall hanging is so easy to make.  Comes with step by step instructions with pictures. Completed quickly in 5 hoops with no sewing left to do.  You need a 5x7 hoop for this design.

DESIGNS WITH SATIN EDGE NOW INCLUDED IN THIS SET. Satin edge designs may be slightly smaller that raw edge designs to fit in 5x7 hoop.

Boy Head … 4.85"x5.55" (Raw edge 7196 stitches.....Satin edge 10457 stitches)

Boy Body.....4.90"x6.90" (Raw edge 4261 Stitches.....Satin edge 10132 stitches

Girl Head... 4.81x5.65" (Raw edge 7498 Stitches.....Satin edge 11969 Stitches)

Girl Body.....3.93"x5.24" (Raw edge 3959 Stitches.....Satin edge 8593 Stitches)

Legs..... 3.25"x2.90" (2 in one hoop for convenience)(Raw edge2053 Stitches.....Satin Edge 6592 Stitches.

Overall design size is approximately...11"x14.5" 


This is a machine embroidery design. You will require an embroidery machine to stitch these designs. You also need a method to transfer the design file to your machine. This purchase is for the electronic design file only.

Standard Formats:
If you need another format, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it.

These designed were created by Newfound Applique. Newfound applique holds Copyright on all its embroidery designs. Reselling or distributing our designs is prohibited. You may stitch our designs on items/garments that are for personal use or for sale.

Newfound Applique Tested
All Newfound Applique designs have been fully stitched out for quality control purposes. The picture listed is an actual photo of the stitched design


(No reviews yet) Write a Review