All of our designs grant the purchaser unlimited personal and commercial use.  This use allows the sale of physical property made from our designs.  Our designs are copyrighted, you may not purchase our designs with the intent to resell them as your own in any form or to sharw the design files with others.  For example; using our designs to start your own applique digital design website or business, or adding our designs to your current digital inventory for sale on your own website will result in legal actions, your account will be closed, and your IP address blocked. 


 See the link for general copyright informatiion



Newfound Applique is not responsible for any liability from items made from its designs.  By purchasing a design from Newfound Applique you accept any and all liability associated with the item that is made.


Refund Policy 

Newfound Applique uses a direct download system to transfer proprietary design files.  Since these files cannot be returned, our refund policy is based on unsuccessful transmission of files only.  Our sytem detects if the transfers were successful.  All our designs are fully stiched out by us prior to sale and we are not resposible for unsuccessfull stitching.  If you do have problems please email us at and we will do our best to help solve your particular issue. 


Sales TAX


Newfound Applique is a Canadain company.  Canadian Tax Policy regarding digital supplies/goods requires that sales tax ( HST or GST)  will be charged on digital products  if the customer is a resident of Canada or has a regesterd HST/GST number to operate in Canada (in this case a business in another country which has a GST/HST number to operate in Canada).  All our international friends do not have to pay sales tax on Newfound Applique designs except and busness with a GST/HSt number.

HST: Harmonized Sales Tax

GST: Goods and Services Tax