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Mask Instructions

Getting started


Put stabilizer in your large hoop.  Place the hoop in the machine and sew the tack down stitch.

Step 1:  Adhere fabric and sew cut line.  Remove hoop ( do not remove design from the hoop)  Cut away excess fabric.


Step 2:  Return hoop to machine to sew cut line for eyes.  Remove hoop and cut out eyes being careful not to cut stabilizer or stiches.


Step 3:  Continue to stitch out any extra details


Step 4:  Remove hoop from machine ( do not remove design from hoop).  Adhrer a 12 inch piece of ribbon to the back of the design at eye level.


Step 5:  Adhere fabric for back of the mask on top of the ribbon.


Step 6:  Return hoop to machine to stitch cut lines.  When complete, remove hoop ( do not remove  design from hoop).  Cut out the eyes and cut away excess fabric being carefull not to cut stabilizer or ribbon.


Step 7:  Return to machine to complete design.






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